Tighter skin? Testing 10 days Vichy Liftactiv

Who else knows the feeling of having an important day marked in your agenda, coming really close and you just want to dedicate the following days for prepping to look your utter best? To be honest, my agenda is full of these and I wish I looked my best every day if I could! But nonetheless I was really curious to try Vichy Liftactiv booster. I don’t need to explain anyone that stress, lack of sleep and our busy agenda leaves little time to relax, unwind and treat our body the best way we can. And surely all of these above leave their marks such as a tired look, dull skin, dark circles and fine lines under eyes. Ok, there’s still no such thing as 10h of sleep in a bottle but at least I can try anything that comes really close. Time for a 10 day Vichy Liftactiv booster challenge to combat tiredness and dark circles (this was in march so I guess I was at my worst 🙂

In short, here’s what it is:
– you use it for 10 days in a row and not longer (to be used as a treatment up to a few times a year) as a base for your daily skincare routine
– it contains 15% pure Vitamin C and hyaluron (for more details head over to http://shpl.ly/2oNgrCX)
– it’s a pure formula so it should not be used longer than 10 days in a row and should reduce fine lines and brighten complexion, skin tone and improve tightness. Careful when you’re exposed to sunshine, always wear SPF protection in combination.
Since pictures say more than words, here’s a recap of my 10 day challenge and the final result!
Foto 5-04-18 19 03 57Foto 5-04-18 19 14 37Foto 5-04-18 19 31 48IMG_9847Foto 5-04-18 19 37 10Foto 5-04-18 19 33 59Foto 5-04-18 19 29 51Foto 5-04-18 19 01 13My fine lines are clearly reduced and I can’t help but notice the instant firmness that the Vichy Liftactiv booster is giving, especially noticeable around my skin crease near my mouth and eyes.

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