My 9 favorite places in Ibiza I can’t resist

You have two types of people. Those who go on a holiday to get some rest and those who need a holiday after a holiday to get some rest. Me and my two best friends unfortunately belong to the send category. It’s the best.

After a few years of going back to Ibiza, it’s starting to feel a lot like home. So we’ve grown into some habits over the years, places where we love going back to, with so many memories attached to. I thought I might as well share them with you. Before you take note, the only way to get around in Ibiza is a rental car. Don’t even bother about taxi’s, it can be very hard to find them at remote places on the island and scooters might not be the most safe transport medium. We booked our rental car in advance at Sunny Cars, so when you arrive in the airport, your car is ready for pick up, without losing time on administration and waiting lines (which can be the case during high season). If you book in advance, you’ll also get better rates. So now you have your car, you’re ready get by on the island. So here’s my top 10  favorite places in Ibiza I just can’t resist.

Watch the sunrise from Experimental Beach
I just love this place. Maybe there are better spots to watch the sunrise but the horizon from this place is endless and the atmosphere is magical. Plus, it’s really central on the island so it’s really easy to drive to, to catch those last rays of sun. It’s a nice crowd too, and the cocktails and food are great.

Experimental Beach

Have a coffee at Cappuccino Marina in the morning
It’s one of my favorite places to start the day with a coffee and read a book. After a stroll through the Marina Botafoch port (you’ll also find cool boutiques and concept stores) you just walk down along the yachts until the end of the port. The view is so relaxing, overlooking the beautiful Dalt Villa on the hill next to some giant boats is quite an interesting combination.

Cappuccino Marina
Marina Botafoch

Another place to watch the sunrise and start your party early is Destino
A little party never killed nobody. It’s just key to keep the balance. I love waking up early so clubbing until 8am is not really my style (just one night maybe). I rather finish the day with some drinks, a low key party and wrap it up by bedtime.


One of my favorite beach clubs is Yemanja in Cala Jondal
It’s quite a small place and the beds are flocking up against a rocky cliff so you have the feeling of privacy like in a cute little bay. Also, the beach is not really a beach, just big stones and rocks so the water is really clear and blue and there are no people swimming there, except the guests from the beach club. There is a little pier which makes up for a good picture spot and where you can just dive in when it’s getting too hot in this little bay that catches hardly any wind.


Go to Playa d’en Bossa if you can’t make up your mind
There are a few nice beach clubs, a good place for people watching, low key day drinks with groovy beats. I think Beach House is a good mix between chilling and ambiance. Also, the interior of the restaurant is worth a visit, a perfect interpretation of boho chic.

Beach House

Cala Bonita
Sometimes it’s hard to find a place during summer which is not overcrowded and where you can still enjoy good food. Cala Bonita is the place where you can have both. Leave the busy lunch places for what they are and go to this little rocky bay with a cute little beach. Even when the restaurant is full, it still feels really quiet and relaxed, other than most good lunch restaurants. Order some small dishes to share, the food is amazing.

Cala Bonita

Cala Conta
Sunset Ashram is still a really special bohemian spirit place, despite the growing amount of people lined up on the small strokes of sandy beaches. But the view from the cliff, looking down on Cala Conta, gives a magical sunset watching spot.

Cala Conta

Book a cute airbnb not far from Eivissa
I love being close by everything because we love to beach hop and freestyle driving from one place to another, depending on the day, weather, mood, time of the day. And honestly, it’s so much more enjoyable than a hotel or apartment. 

Cala Olivera
If you really wanna find a spot to sunbathe, swim or even skinny dip, Cala Olivera is a real gem I recently discovered. There’s plenty of rocks surrounding this bay, where you can put your towels without anyone interrupting your peace of mind.

Cala Olivera

Cala Olivera

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