This one is slightly different than what I usually post here but it’s worth sharing. As a much
needed break from the parties and holidays, I was invited to Beau-T beauty salon in Stasegem, West-Flanders. It’s run by Tessa, a 25 year old bubbly ‘beauty and healthy lifestyle’ addict who is extremely passionate about her work and eager to tell me everything about her treatments. Couldn’t be more excited to spend the 26th decompressing from christmas and prepping for NYE at the same time. Little did I know I was going to have the strangest facial ever. And that I was going to love it.
IMG_3885-2The wired machine next to the massage bed had me wondering if I was going to get some kind of medical treatment. My suspicion was not far from the truth. Tessa had a lymph drainage and chroma therapy planned for me. It sounds quite scary but I can assure you no needles are involved and me nor my skin got harmed. A little explanation.
Tessa firmly believes that beauty comes from the inside as well as from the outside. Beautiful skin results from a body that is in balance on the inside. Exercise, food, vitamins are as important as the creams you rub. She uses Phyto5. 100% natural Swiss made skincare products, inspired by ancient old Chinese medical science combined with advanced Western technology.

So she started off with a lymph drainage. It’s basically little glass chalices that suck your skin shortly up and down. Lymph draining is a way to give your lymph circulation a boost and strengthen your natural immunity system. A weak lymph circulation can cause all sorts of health and beauty issues: sore muscles, a lower energy level, un clear skin, heavy legs, early aging.

IMG_3891After she applied a 5 color clay mask and chroma therapy. I now look like the girl who can’t decide which country to cheer for during the soccer world cup. Each clay reflects one of the 5 different nature elements and stimulates different parts of the body.

Result? A glowing and fuller skin immediately after the treatment which should last for 3 to 4 days. I might get another one next month to build up the effects. And because I like a good beauty treatment that is everything but ordinary.

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