Has it ever occurred to you that you first think something is kinda ugly, but then you start to like it to an extent which exceeds your average liking amount of stuff? Like a dude who’s not pretty but you end up marrying him. Or that ‘I’m blue’ song which is so repulsive and also annoyingly likable? The question is: when did you start liking it? Although my eyes start blinking at the glance of everything shiny and glittery, I wasn’t feeling the gems on a sneaker. Like the Dior embellished ones, for instance. Too comfy. Too glamorous. Too bad.


But that shine baby shine PINKO sneaker collection though. More sneaker. More diamonds. More to love. So if you’re ever reaching for your sneakers again because they make you feel comfortable, think again. These are not for wallflowers. And they’ll put a fun challenge to styling your outfit. Because of course they don’t go with anything, but who cares. Wearing them with a pair of jeans or an all black outfit would be too easy. A combo not very mention worthy on a fashion blog, right? So here’s how I styled them. I love wearing them with a rather chic daytime outfit, this one for example by Baum Und Pferdgarten. The stripes are playful yet chic, and the woolen jumper makes it perfect for fall. A dress would be a great option too. Just make it playful and chic. I mean, when you’re wearing your diamonds, make sure you wear them well. Pictures by Bram Laebens. Makeup by MUD. Like my look? Shop the sneakers below, but for the Baum Und Pferdgarten (resort16) items you’ll have to wait a little bit until they come out._MG_4099


Pinko shine baby shine sneakers/ Baumd Und Pferdgarten skirt and jumper

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