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        Picture or it didn’t happen. Was a bit bummed that I didn’t manage to have Candice in my vlog but here’s a throwback to the #livemore event with the official Biotherm pictures. What a gorgeous and charming creature. Now watch me lose my cool. Special thanks to Biotherm for these awesome memories!


A recap of my wonderful stay in Paris with Biotherm. Together with fellow international bloggers we were introduced to the world of the iconic and revolutionary skincare brand Biotherm. Their philosophy of a beautiful face and body is surely not limited to their famous moisturizing creams. Check out my inspiring rendez-vous with the brand and its power ambassadors. […]


Been craving a red eye shadow for a while now but for some reason never really found the perfect shade that matches my green eyes. I usually stick to safe old bronze tones when it comes to a weekend-essential smokey eye. Especially with a pale skin and deep set eyes, red can go tremendously wrong. We don’t […]


Men’s current sense of romance is as dead as a three-week-old corpse. The state of decomposition is irreversible. You’ll be waiting forever for those flowers delivered at your door. Even the sorry flowers too. But the wait is over. And you can fake that good old heartwarming feeling too of opening your door totally casually, making a squeaky cheer of […]

How to get your skin winter proof

Time for something new! My fist beauty vlog is up. Don’t know if it’s my age or the season but lately I’m obsessing over beauty and skincare products. I want to find out what’s best for my skin and I want to see results. Right now. I always used to think that skincare needs a lot of […]


I love you sun, but I’ve chosen to protect the skin I’m in! I’m not telling anything you don’t already know but the biggest source of skin-aging is still our beloved sun. UV rays account for 80% of skin-aging, including wrinkles. Just wanted to remind you that it’s never too late to take care of your skin […]

YvesSaintLaurent x GoogleGlass

This is why I love YvesSaintLaurent Beauty! Breaking the rules and creating new opportunities that might cause a revolution of the current beauty industry. YSL Beauty is the first cosmetic brand to team up with GoogleGlass in order to make your makeup sessions in the bathroom easy and carefree! I was thrilled and honored being invited by this beautiful […]