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Getting around in LA: travelling by car

LA, the city of Angels. After NYC, probably the city that most appeals to the imagination of a place, symbol of the American dream. Home of the good life, effortless style, toned people, iced matcha’s, kale, an iconic Venice beach and star studded Hollywood hills. Some of my fantasies are true, others are anything but […]

My 9 favorite places in Ibiza I can’t resist

You have two types of people. Those who go on a holiday to get some rest and those who need a holiday after a holiday to get some rest. Me and my two best friends unfortunately belong to the send category. It’s the best. After a few years of going back to Ibiza, it’s starting to […]

Being a Hunkemöller ambassador: the perks

Being a Hunkemoller ambassador has brought so many great moments since I started blogging a few years ago. From being the first to discover the new collections in Amsterdam and Hamburg, to meeting inspiring HKM boss ladies Sylvie Meis and Doutzen Kroes to even starring in a swimwear campaign in Croatia. I love Hunkemoller because they […]


Fair enough. It’s 31 degrees in Belgium and I don’t wanna leave you undecided about what to wear. So here’s another part of my amazing Hunkemöller trip in pictures. I’m wearing my favorite two piece from the Doutzen Stories collection. But there’s plenty of cute styles for every bum. I mean every one. Missing these girls loads and […]


It must be the weather! 30 degrees in Belgium and I’m like ‘where’s the goddamn pool’. Life seemed better in Croatia where we shot the swimwear campaign for Hunkemöller last week. My favorite collection as a matter of fact, the Doutzen Stories collection.  So here’s a first glimpse of the shoot. Stay tuned to read all the details! Shop […]


My first article for A sleepover in a spa aka the perfect mother-daughter trip. In dutch but for those who are not fortunate to understand…don’t worry, the pictures tell it all. Do note that the one in the header is not taken by a drone, there’s a floating glass floor inside the spa. So […]


Am I the only one fantasizing about breakfast even before bedtime? My appetite is exponentially growing with the rising number of breakfast options in Belgium. Think about frozen acai bowls, quinoa granola, eggs benedict and blueberry pancakes topped with maple syrup. Where were you guys 5 years ago? One thing is for sure. Breakfast is […]


Two weeks ago I was in Bordeaux. A happy coincidence I’d say. It was the outcome of a random wednesday night catching up with my high school friends over a glass of wine. We decided to plan a short trip like in the good old days. A few requirements were set in order to pick a place: […]


Shame on me once and shame on me twice! First of all for having been a complete London-noob up until november 2016 and having completely ignored the awesomeness of this beauty whenever I was planning a short trip. And second of all for falling in love with London in november 2016 but having waited till […]