Here’s to a throw back to my trip to Egypt and a throw forward to swimwear season. As I noticed that more than 70% of my instagram ‘followees’ seem to have their summer body preparations on point, I thought I’ld help them out with bikini preparations. I’m quite frustrated about the swimwear situation in Belgium. Original swimwear is just rare to find here so I usually scroll over to Asos’s swimwear section. In general a pretty satisfying and wide range until recently they really made my heart skip a beat with their latest catch, N.L.P swimwear. N.L.P is an Australian swimwear label by designer Nikki Lee Penny that stands for everything most swimwear brands are not: daring, experimental and just different.
The collection on Asos all is made from neoprene and is responsible for the brand’s distinct look. I’m blown by the smashing combination of neon hues with the black and white stitching. I love the way she experiments with textures like neoprene and lycra without making sacrifices in the cuts. The shape and cut is far from an everyday two piece. They remind me of athletic swimwear and armour-like pieces. Looks like something Leelou from the 5th element would wear, futuristic and fierce. And something I would want to wear.


So I went for the most colorful top and bottom which are actually not a matching set
(the bottom matching with the top was sold out). But the color block design of the different bikini sets totally allow to mismatch. I ordered from Asos and it was delivered right on time for my trip to Egypt. Besides meeting my expectations, they’re absolutely stunning in real life and they turned out to be really good looking on camera as well. Double win. They’re luxurious and comfortable at the same time. I had to get used to the scuba fabric though. Neoprene fabric doesn’t really breathe and can feel a bit sticky when you’re sweating (which you will be, wearing scuba on a hot summer day). I decided to try them out for a video shoot at the stunning pool area of the Club Med Sinai Bay. Watch this two piece starring in my video through this
linkSo if you want to look fierce, classy, sporty, tomboyish and original all in one look this summer, look no further and check out the website to see the entire collection. Below the pictures you find the product links to shop my look.




  1. wat een ongelooflijk mooie bikini! echt prachtig!
    ik vond het ook altijd moeilijk om een leuke originele bikini te vinden in nederland. dus ik besloot om mijn eigen bikini’s te gaan maken.

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