Last week I was in Amsterdam with Mercedes-Benz for fashion week.¬†Keep an eye on the blog for a full report by the end of the week. In the meantime I’m sharing one of the looks I wore. Didn’t really think this one through though. Wearing fishnets in freezing cold Amsterdam is a no go. Hence the fur. But nonetheless a good amount of business on top, party on the bottom. I do admit it’s a little risky to wear fishnets, patent leather and embellished buckle boots all in once. But when you top it off with the right pieces, such as an uber geeky turtleneck and checkered blazer, it comes out pretty eclectic looking. If Cher could get away with it in Clueless, so can you. I’ve teamed up with Sacha shoes by the way so expect a whole lotta shoe game on the blog. These ones are in store now and are honestly the best find right now if you’re looking for classic ankle boots but don’t wanna blend in the crowd of mainstream. I’ve added a link below to shop them online. You’re welcome!

Sacha ankle boots
Zara turtle neck and patent skirt
H&M checkered blazer

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