How to get your skin winter proof

Time for something new! My fist beauty vlog is up. Don’t know if it’s my age or the season but lately I’m obsessing over beauty and skincare products. I want to find out what’s best for my skin and I want to see results. Right now. I always used to think that skincare needs a lot of time for the effects to kick in. But less is true. You don’t need one month to find out that those creams are not what they promise. All I was looking for is a treatment to prep my skin for winter and fight those first lines.

Check my video to find out how to make your skin winter proof with an easy 8 step beauty routine. Result? The texture of the creams are rich (I don’t like watery texture) without putting a layer on your face. I particularly love the hydrating day cream (has a balm like texture) and the micellaire tonic! They give my skin that nice summer glow without looking shiny. Not sure if the wrinkle filler really battles those lines but in general my skin feels really smooth. My opinion? No need to be snobby to get your hands on the good stuff. These ones do really fine and the prices are just insanely good.

Here’s what I’ve been using:

micellaire cleansing lotionintense smoothing concentratehydrating day creamtargeted filler eye and lipscalming cleansing milksmoothing night creamcalming spray


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