Can’t believe how time flies! Counting down till 2017 feels like it was just yesterday. Time for a recap of the most memorable lifestyle event of 2016. Being a travel enthusiast, it came no surprise that me and Mazda would cross paths one day and take off on a beautiful journey together. After test-driving the MX5 a couple of times, it soon became clear that we would have lot of fun together. Our first date was in Barcelona, remember? The next date took us to Rome. Where the annual festa del cinema di Roma was held and which I got to experience front row. Read along.

Arriving at the hotel clearly set the tone for what was going to be a hell of a decadent trip. Staying in the Waldorf Rome Cavalieri hotel was just divine. Just enough time for a late lunch by the pool. We’re just 20 min from the center of Rome, overlooking the city on top of a hill in the middle of a lush garden surrounded by umbrella pines. This place looks like the scene of James Bond movie from the 70s. Pure decadence. No time to get carried away though. We’ve got a red carpet to hit later that night! We’re going to see the movie Snowden in special attendance of director Oliver Stone. Movie then dinner! Have you ever heard of Villa Medici? A mighty villa (is an understatement) and architectural site which played a major role in Roman history located at the top of the spanish steps. So this is where we’re having dinner. Pretty legendary if you ask me.



Waking up with the church bells of Rome. With 25 degrees in mid october. Life is great! Time to discover some ancient treasures in Rome. I fell in love for the second time. Having the time of our life with fellow bloggers Zoe (the sound of our shoes) Inge (bubble trouble) and Marie (the mood of mary), Femke and Peter of course! Feels good to soak up some italian sun and relax. As the whole trip has been everything but ordinary so far, Mazda strikes again and leads us to another surprise. In front of the hotel a couple of dozen MX5’s are lined up, tempting us for a joyride. An offer I will never refuse. When I see a police patrol arriving 5 minutes later, I’m guessing we’ll have to behave. Not to spoil the fun though, they’re just gonna shut down the traffic flow in Rome to make way for us throughout the heart of Rome. They got to be kidding, right? If you happened to be in Rome and witnessed a column of shiny MX5 convertibles cruising by the colosseum…it was meeee! These memories are golden. Last stop of the day was a giant silver screen. Omg I am going to see my first drive in movie! Underneath the stars. In Rome. No words. But the party don’t stop. All this extravaganza was just a teaser before revealing the real cherry on the cake. The iconic MX5 got a little brother and it’s badder, better and totally on my wishlist: the brand new MX5 RF, the automatic hardtop convertible.

Congrats and thank you Mazda, you were the most memorable, surprising and high end life style experience of 2016. Hope to drive together soon again!

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