If you think DIY is  a hobby for Etsy shop owners and thrift shoppers that got somewhat out of hand, you’re wrong. If there’s one way to wear the coolest denim in town, DIY is the only way to go. Levi’s is running an awesome DIY campaign for the moment with in store tailor booths and even pop up Levi’s tailor shops at Belgium’s finest music festivals.

So what’s the deal? I went to Levi’s to pick out my denim – I went for a slim fit dark wash denim jacket – and have it customized. Basically anything is possible. You name, they have it. Hand painted statements on the back, patch letters, ripped and cutoff edges, studs, patches and pins. Better be prepared and have a design ready in mind or do some research in advance on pinterest. I kinda went nuts on the patches and pins. So I prepared my design in store – I picked out patches and pins, placed them as I like – and left it to the tailor artist who took care of all the rest. A few days later it was ready to pick up! Just in time to hit Wecandance festival, throwback report here. I might still add a thing or two though. Or not. We’ll see. So what’s in it for you? You can still drop by at a Levi’s tailor shop in store with your favorite Levi’s and customize it for free.

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