Shame on me once and shame on me twice! First of all for having been a complete London-noob up until november 2016 and having completely ignored the awesomeness of this beauty whenever I was planning a short trip. And second of all for falling in love with London in november 2016 but having waited till now to share it with you. So let’s rewind, shall we.

It was november the 25th. I remember because it was my godchild Lili’s birthday and I couldn’t be at her fucking awesome birthday bash because Eurostar was so nice to invite me to London that weekend. And it happened to be black friday that day. We were prepared for mayhem.
After a 2h Eurostar ride in first class with yummy breakfast we arrived in sunny London. We were staying in South Kensington at a friends’s place and it was just the (picture) perfect base for a long weekend. And just a 30min walk from Knightsbridge near Harrods and Hyde Park. The first day involved a lot of sightseeing since it was like ages ago since my last visit and I hardly could remember anything. There were lights everywhere and it felt already like the weekend before christmas. No one does christmas like british people do! From Harrods to Covent garden to Oxford and Regent street…one would get coo coo christmas crazy for less. The perfect excuse for some shopping that is. Later me and my bestie celebrated our first night in Coya. A peruvian restaurant in Mayfair with terrific dishes to share but also a great place to just hang at the bar and slam back some pisco sours. Which we did. Maybe one too many. Also that shot of tequila in The Cuckoo Club early in the morning was probably not a good idea either.

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The second day in London did not go as planned. Handling a massive hangover was high on our priority list that day. So we kept it low-key and went for dinner and drinks at Hakkasan Mayfair. Our vibe was more like ‘handle with care’ instead of ‘yolo’ like the day before, so it turned out we came to the right place. Hakkasan is such a nice place for dinner in a cosy and intimate setting. A beautiful bar with lot’s of dark green velvet and golden elements. A sexy, mysterious vibe is in the air. On top of that, the food was delicious and the staff was super nice. We needed that.

IMG_0128handling a massive hangover at Hakkasan

The next day was already gonna be our last. So we woke up early and went for a brunch in The Ivy Garden in Chelsea. You just have to had brunch at The Ivy if you’re in London. There’s one near Covent Garden (the ivy market grill) as well with a heated patio and a sick christmas tree so you can enjoy your lunch outside and have your picture taken in natural daylight looking like a doll. I wonder if the tree’s still up.
Anyway, the one we went to, had the most beautifully decorated front wall of London. Good thing we didn’t have to let our food get cold to get the perfect snap.


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I hope you had fun reading this and might be inspired for a little London trip yourself. If you love London as much as I do, please hook me up with your finest places and leave in a comment. That would be awesome, thanks!

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