9 spots in Ibiza I can’t resist

You have two types of people. Those who go on a holiday to get some rest and those who need a holiday after a holiday to get some rest. Me and my two best friends unfortunately belong to the send category. It’s the best. After a few years of going back to Ibiza, it’s starting to […]

Valentine’s gift guide

I know. Saint Valentine is cheesy. And what’s even more cheesy is buying your (self) loved one lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Let’s make this clear. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. And I’m not really planning on either. But there are tons of guys (and girls) who do think this is the perfect day to express […]

Tuck in boots

When was the last time you tucked your trousers into two pair of wool socks and water resistent boots? First day of snow this year in Antwerp and I had an instant flashback to kindergarten. The outfit wasn’t really planned. I was really cold and wanted to wear something that would spare 95% of my […]

First time Milan fashion week with Trussardi

September was a month to remember. Not only because the summer kept lingering on, stretching those holiday vibes just a little bit longer. But because it was a month of first-timers. It was the first time I hopped on a plane to discover a new fragrance. Direction Milan. Also, my first time to attend Milan […]


Being a Hunkemoller ambassador has brought so many great moments since I started blogging a few years ago. From being the first to discover the new collections in Amsterdam and Hamburg, to meeting inspiring HKM boss ladies Sylvie Meis and Doutzen Kroes to even starring in a swimwear campaign in Croatia. I love Hunkemoller because they […]


One trend that doesn’t go by unnoticed this season must be the puffer jacket. To many a vague memory of the vestimentary habits of Belgium’s finest 90’s generation of Johnny’s and Marina’s. One of the most memorable and surprisingly inspiring belgian subcultures during my early lifespan. The thought of wearing the iconic puffer jacket may seem repulsive to some due to […]


Sup guys! Back from my trip to London and can’t wait to share my travel report here if I could just figure out some time to get behind my desk and get the blog rolling again. But here’s a sneak peek of where I stayed. Just me being frosty in front of a posh backdrop in […]


I’m always ready to pack my bags and leave to Paris for the weekend. Which is usually the case every two months. No touristy trips though. I’ve literally walked every street in Paris so when I go, I go to catch up with friends, go out for coffee, dinner and drinks. I’ve noticed I even have build […]


The moment when you find the perfect winter coat! You might have noticed that this shearling beauty  is taking over my insta feed. I know ‘us girls’ tend to be hungry for ‘another day, another style’. But see, winter coats are worth taking your time for. See it as an investment. I can swipe for […]


Throwback to my trip to Verona with Intimissimi. For the last couple of years, this time of the month,Verona turns into the magical scene of a fairytale called ‘Intimissimi On Ice’. Probably the most anticipated glam event of North-Italy. And one of the most exciting and unique fashion shows I’ve ever attended. For one night, the city of […]


Last weeks have been crazy busy! You might have noticed that I’m putting more time and effort into the blog lately. Simply because I’m into it and because every effort I put into it, opens another door. You never know what’s behind the next one. I still haven’t unpacked from Paris and Verona and I’m leaving tomorrow […]


Last week I was invited to the Christian Dior ree-see ss17 womenswear collection in Paris. I didn’t really plan on doing PFW since I had a trip to Verona and Rome coming up. But since I’m the kind of girl that never sticks to the plan, Paris seemed like a good idea. Back to Dior. SS17 […]


Throwback to my first date with Mazda in Barcelona. And basically the first time ever I’m hooking up with a car brand in my early career as a fashion blogger. To put things clear, Mazda actually is the first brand that pops my mind when thinking of fashion and cars. It’s the first brand which I can think […]


If you think DIY is  a hobby for Etsy shop owners and thrift shoppers that got somewhat out of hand, you’re wrong. If there’s one way to wear the coolest denim in town, DIY is the only way to go. Levi’s is running an awesome DIY campaign for the moment with in store tailor booths and […]


If you follow me on snap, you might have noticed the spam three weeks ago. If not, go and add LOKSJE but stick around here to see what the spam was about. I was invited for another press trip abroad, an offer I won’t quickly turn down. Coming back from Ibiza and still struggling with some […]