tekstmaxresdefaultI’m just mentally not ready yet to come out with a woolen sweater. I know most Instagram sartorial feed has irreversibly switched from summer wear to autumn dressing. And all ‘influentials’ want to be the first to show off some of fall’s key styles. So I’m just gonna walk a bit behind and stretch summer until fall gives me the chills. I mean, it’s still summer in the rest of Europe. And inside my head, I’m still on vacay in Ibiza (if only I had worn that beach dress just more than one time). So here’s my not-so-transitional wear. I teamed up with photographer Annick Strynckx, owner from one of Antwerp’s finest coffee concepts Kaffeenini and Barnini. Shop the look below.63451

ByDanie suede vest/ Zara denim top/ Zara faux leather skirt/ Zara sandals/ 
                                Prada sunnies

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