The moment when you find the perfect winter coat! You might have noticed that this shearling beauty  is taking over my insta feed. I know ‘us girls’ tend to be hungry for ‘another day, another style’. But see, winter coats are worth taking your time for. See it as an investment. I can swipe for weeks, making lists and considering the pro’s and con’s of which one’s will most likely keep me warm and make me crush hard every time I look at it. At least for one season. Almost sounds like swiping for guys, jesus! So choose wisely, knowing that you’ll be seen wearing it a lot. And probably he’ll stick around longer than the guy you met on tinder. Just pointing out priorities for FW16.

Pinko shearling coat
Zara jumper
H&M denim
River Island heels
Zara hat
Chanel bag
Kapten and Son watch
Keep Hope bracelet by Gentlemen Vilvoorde


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