If I would have to choose my favorite summer must have of the moment, it’s definitely clogs. My clogs have literally been going places. Highly likely to be towering on a list of man-repelling no-go’s, curated by men who think fashion needs to be sexy. To be honest, yes, this chunky footwear requires some high maintenance on the feet. But they won’t stop you from anything once you’re all set. Clogs are going places. Opt for a nude tone pair like the ones I’m wearing, or orange/tan. Extra long legs, just saying. I was just heading to the beach. You know I like to mix it up with soft tones and seventies vibes. Shop my look below, as you like. Or find some last minute summer clogs suggestions, because you’re missing out if not!
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What I'm wearing - shop it here

Zara bag
Zara dress
Boohoo clogs


In case you’re still missing out, here’s some great summer must have suggestions (on sale – link on pic)


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