The return of the Ugg boot: how to wear

UGGain, you say? If you think the UGG golden age is over, you might take a look at the brand’s journey from their first appearance on the streets till now. It all started when famous influentials like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker muffled up their feet in -at first sight- the classic sheepskin boots to hit the NYC streets. Ugg was the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it fashion musthave of the late 2000.


This season the classic sheep skin boots are back on the radar. Ugg brings an ode to the classic boots by introducing two new looks. The classic luxe and classic slim luxe. Both slim, sleek and sophisticated. Perfect to wear them out in the streets or even a comfy night out with friends. I wore my classic luxe’s for dinner during the #UGGclassicescape, dressing them up with an elegant dress and casual denim jacket. A detailed report of the amazing escape with Ugg will follow soon! Pictures by Ian Hermans for UGG.UGG_CLASSIC_ESCAPE-233UGG_CLASSIC_ESCAPE-230UGG_CLASSIC_ESCAPE-232

                            Classic Luxe UGG boot 
                                 Zara dress  
                           WESC mens denim jacket


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