The seventies tested: denim shorts and knee boots

If you have been around long enough on my instagram, you must have noticed my soft spot for the sixties and the seventies. Personally, I think they had the best style going on back then. Also the right amount of confidence, sense of liberty, music, love…yes, I have real nostalgic feelings of a time I haven’t physically passed.

But nothing says summer of 1976 more than a denim cut offs and knee long boots. So I might as well give some life to my nostalgia and reinterpret this style. I’m not aiming to launch a new trend but these golden age inspo shots on instagram are looking too tempting not to give in to.

First of all, it’s a challenge. Unless you are size zero or you have extremely skinny long legs, you can pull off any cut off shorts with knee boots. But you might wanna play this one safe and find something to cover it up a little. A long duster coat – last time I used this word was the last time this was worn I guess – could do justice to this look. Not a fan of duster coats, but I thought this denim one by Only was more interesting. You can never go wrong with layering. Without out, this look would be a complete no-go.

If you are planning to wear something ‘less safe’ or conform the rules – such as this look – then it’s best to make sure the quality and the details of the pieces are right. This cut off denim shorts looks just a little bit less casual (and thus more city proof) because of the striped pattern. In general, beautiful details will always make the whole look a lot better.

I just started pinning again, so you might as wel check my Seventies Style mood board to get an idea of what I am aiming for with this look.

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Pictures by Tibo DS


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