The start of a beauty-ful story: Nuxe ambassador

I am beyond happy to share the news that I’ve started an ambassadorship with the brand Nuxe for 2019. So many reasons to be excited for but let me start by introducing the brand Nuxe.

Nuxe is a skincare brand with a story. It was founded by a woman, Aliza Jabès, who believed in herself, her own intuition  and the way she looked at feminine beauty. In her quest for something miraculous that could do everything in one quick and easy step, she created Huile Prodigieuse. It was the birth of cult product, a beauty musthave that made it to many honorable lists worldwide of beauty products that stood the hands of time and remained unchanged over many years. And yet, Huile Prodigieuse® is more than ever what a modern woman like me needs for her skin on a daily base.

It was the first luxury skincare product I discovered as a young woman. Note that my budget to spend on beauty products was quite limited that time, so this was actually a great one to invest in: treating my body, face and hair for the price of 1. Maybe that was the start of my love for oily textures and warm, rich scents, who knows!
Memories like these make me even more proud and grateful for being Nuxe ambassador for 2019. Which means you will be getting all the latest products releases, tips and tricks, some sneak peek’s behind the scenes here and there, from me, here on my blog and my instagram. I had my first one-on-one skin analysis a few weeks ago and I was shocked about the extensive product range Nuxe has. They have products literally for every type of skin, from eye cream to night masks, serums to primers. And for every product you find several varieties fit for different types of skin (dry, mixed, oily skin). Which means that every woman will probably have a different set of products after an extensive analysis. Two woman might have the same ‘surface’ problem such as dry skin around the eyes for example. But a woman of 20 will get another kind of eye serum than a woman of 40 to treat the same problem. Because the underlying cause is likely to be different. And that’s the way Nuxe works. Beauty starts from the inside.

But back to Huile Prodigieuse®. After many years of being the brand’s most iconic beauty product, Nuxe introduced a younger sister to the mythical oil. Huile Prodigieuse Florale®.
Just like the classic oil, it comes with seven 100% vegetable precious oils and it has the same texture of dry oil and the same effect for body, face and hair. But it comes with a delicate and delightful scent of flowers. The 3 notes of Magnolia flower, grapefruit and musk make way for the classic Huilde Prodigieuse and give my skin an irresistible floral smell for summer.  Thanks to the 7 essential, natural oils this product comes with quite some benefits: her antioxidant effect, her shield effect against pollution and her effect on reducing the appearance of stretch marks make her perfect for daily use. And because this oil has a dry texture, it’s multipurpose, which means great for body, face and hair.

I guess that’s what Aliza Jabès meant with a miraculous product. Just one little bottle that does the trick from head to toe, with all natural ingredients. And think of all the extra space you gain in your carry-on travel bagger bathroom shelf. Winner!
Of course I wouldn’t praise a product a haven’t tested myself first. So here’s how to use Huile Prodigieuse® Florale for face, body and hair. For my face, I mix a few drops of oil with my Nuxe day cream in the palm of my hand palm, before applying to my face. I’m making smoothing movements, from the center of my face, towards the sides.I’m treating all of my body with a few sprays. Massage the oil onto the body with circular movements, upwards. I’m not too gentle since the oil has a dry texture and is almost immediately absorbed by the skin so it doesn’t feel oily or wet after applying. Also, experimenting and mixing with other products is allowed. My little current obsession is to mix it with Nuxe after sun body lotion. It’s the only thing that keeps my (tanned and slightly dry) skin hydrated and soft all day long. Also…I think I just invented my favorite smell of body lotion, mixing these two together.

On the hair, you can use it as an oil on the lengths and ends, on daily base. But for a really intensive care, you could use it once or twice a week as a mask, applying it all over the lengths and leaving it in 10 minutes before washing.

Check Huile Prodigieuse Florale® here.

Thanks for reading and please do stick around to be the first to know all about Nuxe this year.

Pictures by my talented brother Joost Sockeel

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