A style for snowy days: tuck in boots

When was the last time you tucked your trousers into two pair of wool socks and water resistent boots? First day of snow this year in Antwerp and I had an instant flashback to kindergarten. The outfit wasn’t really planned. I was really cold and wanted to wear something that would spare 95% of my body surface from the freezing cold. I just hate it when my waste catches a streak of cold breeze. I’m wearing a teddy coat and plaid overall, both from Edited. A neon pink turtleneck from Zara which pairs great with neutral tones apparently. Oh, and rocking a new, shorter hairdo in collaboration with Atelier Geraud & L’Oréal Pro.  What about you, would you dare to cut a short bob?

Oh, and you can still shop my sachaxgoldiloks patent boots right here.

Pictures by Joost Sockeel

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