Valentine’s gift guide: my campaign with Hunkemöller

I know. Saint Valentine is cheesy. And what’s even more cheesy is buying your (self) loved one lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Let’s make this clear. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. And I’m not really planning on either. But there are tons of guys (and girls) who do think this is the perfect day to express their love with gifts which…well express their love. Personally, to me it doesn’t really make sense to celebrate love on the same day as everyone else is celebrating their love. But I let you guys have this day and go nuts on the gifts and pampering. Because honestly, it’s just a lot easier and convenient to choose a gift for your girlfriend when every street corner and window display is throwing some gift inspiration your way. So let me throw some inspiration your way too with some laces gifts which are a bit sassy but mostly classy. Cause you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous lace body like these ones from Hunkemoller. Not sure if the ones we are wearing are still for sale, but they have plenty of  Valentine inspired options here.

Pictures by Jesaja Hizkia
MUHA by Sjardé Kirioma
Styling by Phoebe Cornelisse & Kelly Abigail

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