Sports have always been a part of my life. I literally took my first steps on the tennis court. And when I grew older, sportswear soon became a fun side effect of playing tennis. Just another excuse to wear skirts and dresses all day err day. The perks of the game, oh yes! Back in the days there weren’t that many options though. Adidas, Nike, Ellesse and Lacoste made up for most of our sportswear outfits. And made us cross fingers, hoping not to wear the same dress as our competitor.

Times change and so did my shopping behavior. Sportswear has almost become as various as ready-to-wear. Motivation much? My latest addition is a two piece by H&M. I love the look and the feel of this set. The material is light and breathes. And the leggings are super comfy thanks to the extra wide waist band. Great design, lovely prices! Oh btw, if you’re wondering about my workout routine…thanks to Elle magazine it’s no longer a secret. Go check out my feature on their page.
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