Everything you need to know about my campaign for Yamaha is finally up here on the blog. It’s been already two months since I traveled to Milan to shoot the campaign and be part of what turned out a wonderful collab with Yamaha. Truly an unforgettable experience. Also the first time being part of a production team of 30 (!) people. What an amazing opportunity to work with a brand that is so passionate, creative and professional.

Basically Yamaha’s idea was to involve an influencer who is as passionate about music as she is about her work and passion to promote the MusicCast. MusicCast is Yamaha’s high end speaker set to have you listen to music everywhere from home. Truth is that I work from home a lot and I’m constantly listening to music, even in the shower. It just puts me in the right mood, keeps me motivated when I have an endless list of emails to answer or when I need some inspiration to edit photos and write articles. We shot a really cool video which perfectly reflects how music is intertwined with my passion. Check it out below ūüôā
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Here’s the video!

So what’s in it for you? Every week you can win a Yamaha MusicCast!¬†Everything you need to fill your entire house with the music you love. With only one app on your smartphone you can command every speaker and have other¬†music playing in different rooms at the same time and adjust the settings to your own¬†taste and mood.

How to win? There’s a fun game on the website where you have to discover hints in every room. Make sure you take a peek in my bedroom! So why not play your luck? Click here to play the MusicCast¬†game¬†and win major prizes! Good luck!

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