I am beyond excited to share my collab with Elle x YSL Beauty! Together with 24 other bloggers from Belgium I was part of the celebration of an icon in the world of makeup…touche eclat by YSL. This baby turned 25 this year and has conquered hearts by thousands of women, beauty addicts and makeup artists worldwide. I discovered this wonder pen 7 years ago when I took my first steps ever in front of a camera. Back then I had never used anything else than a mascara and eyeliner. I had an audition coming up and remember walking into a beauty shop – totally unexperienced – asking for something to ‘brighten up my eyes’. I left with a bunch of stuff but nothing to brighten up my ‘regard’. I had to get a YSL touche eclat next door, ensured the makeup artist from a competitive brand whose name I will not mention but would like to thank for her honesty. 7 years later – still hooked and ‘thankful’ for the many nightly hours of sleep deprivation which I was happy to spend anywhere else but my bed. I just haven’t found anything else that brightens up my eyes and face like a touche eclat can do. I swear this is wasn’t an agreement in the contract. I have recommended this to anyone who ever asked me about my favorite beauty hack, ever.

Enough beauty talk. I can finally share the video with you! If you would put 25 bloggers in a castle with champagne, glitters and a male model…it would look something like this. So who did better? The belgian version or the international one?

Check out the full article here

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