YSL Garden

Another wonderful get together with Yves Saint Laurent. This time I was invited to discover the high summer collection during a lush garden party. As I enter this secret oasis of green and shuffle my way through the persian rugs, sipping from a floral cup of gin tonic, there’s no denying: YSL is turning up the heat this summer. The new collection ‘Saharienne’ draws inspiration from the vibrant Morocco and stars a modern and avant-garde interpretation of the exuberant iconic Maghreb colors. ‘Le look Saharienne’ is all about sultry eyes in warm earth tones with a subtle punch of yellow, ultra glossy and iridescent lips in orange and red hues, and a sun kissed glow that captures the last rays of sun right before the evening falls. Yes, YSL’s Saharienne look is exactly what you’re gonna wanna go for this summer and bang on trend: exotic, mysterious, sultry and channeling the ultimate ‘look bohemien’. Here’s a small recap of an exotic rendez-vous with Yves Saint Laurent at Alix – Table & Jardin d’Amis, an amazing fairy-like hideout in the heart of Ghent city.

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