YvesSaintLaurent x GoogleGlass

This is why I love YvesSaintLaurent Beauty! Breaking the rules and creating new opportunities that might cause a revolution of the current beauty industry. YSL Beauty is the first cosmetic brand to team up with GoogleGlass in order to make your makeup sessions in the bathroom easy and carefree! I was thrilled and honored being invited by this beautiful brand to be the first in Belgium to try out a YSLBeauty x GoogleGlass makeup session. I headed over to Galeria Inno in Brussels where I was getting my makeup done by YSL national makeup artist Paul Van Rompaey. Besides being the only makeup artist in Belgium working with GoogleGlass, he’s also the first to give a different meaning to the name ‘makeup artist’ by looking completely badass wearing a pair of high tech glasses. After explaining the whole routine, Paul quickly swipes one side of his GoogleGlass and starts applying my makeup. A few swipes and taps are literally what it takes to capture my makeup session on a tiny camera build inside the GoogleGlass. I’m impressed to say the least.
Every detail, technique and product that he applies, is carefully recorded on tape. So how does GoogleGlass make the difference? Imagine you get your makeup done by a professional and you love your look so much you want to copy it the next day and all you have is a face chart (in the best case) and a selfie. Even if you tried to memorize every step and technique during the makeup session, to reproduce exact the same look is a bit too optimistic. And that’s where GoogleGlass comes in, saving you from struggling in the bathroom. Your personal makeup session that was captured on the GoogleGlass cam is already on its way to your mailbox. What’s left for you is to open the video, install your smartphone or tablet right next to the mirror, press play, watch carefully and copy.
So after wrapping up my makeup session, which looked super fresh and perfect for a spring/summer daytime look, having a nice chat with the awesome YSL team and toasting with pink bubbles and macarons, I received my personal makeup tutorial video in my mailbox by the time I got home. Quick and easy = happy customer! My tutorial and an overview of the products is coming up in a next post.


The verdict? I would recommend this to any one who wears makeup and likes to try out different looks. Especially if you’re not really used to learn from makeup tutorials or you just want a good personalized look to integrate in your daily beauty routine. This is customer service on another level and I’m sure it will lead to more innovations. It’s not sure yet if YSL Beauty will launch this concept for customers in Belgium though. So yes, I was very lucky to be part of the press launch, but I hope they give it a go cause I’m sure many girls/women would be happy to embrace a pair of geeky glasses for a good cause, i.e. looking fabulous every day. This collab will also be featured on Fashion One TV and will be airing soon, but check this one too in the mean time! Hope you liked this review, let me know your thoughts!

Video is property of YSL Beauté Belgium.
Photos by Luka Host.

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